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Lane control lights are usually composed of red forks and green arrows, common diameters are 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, etc. Lane control lights are a specific type of traffic light used to manage traffic on a multi-way road or highway. Typically they allow or forbid traffic to use one or more of the available lanes by the use of Green lights or arrow traffic lights (to permit) or by red lights or forks (to prohibit).

This 200mm is Hi-Intensity Static Pedestrian signal head is using latest hi-power LEDs as light sources. It has low power consumption and long-life time. This traffic head is 2 sections. They are red lamp and green lamp. The housing uses polycarbonate material, it can be open and be maintained without other special tools. It is characterized with high impact strength, dimension stability, electricity insulation, corrosion resistance, abrasive resistance. The Fresnel lens design produces a uniform brightness and standard chromatography.

Retrofit design & UV stabilized shell
Wide viewing angles& low power consumption
Even brightness & standard chromatogram
Compatibility with most traffic housings and controllers
Conform to latest ITE specifications.
Retrofit design & UV stabilized lens.
Mechanical vibration.
Moisture resistant.
Compliance with FCC
Wide viewing angles& low power consumption.
Even brightness & standard chromatogram.
Compatibility with most traffic housings and controllers.

Product Features

  • Working humidity: ≤95%
  • Utilizing imported LED chips, long lifespan
  • Using constant current driver
  • Low power consumption
  • Multi-ply sealed water-resistant, IP rating:>IP54
  • Visible distance: >500M
  • Long visible distance, symmetrical light distribution.
  • Novel structure and beautiful appearance, using inflaming retarding and UV-proof housing material.

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