Safeguarding Pedestrians

Safeguarding Pedestrians

The Need for Advanced Crossings and PGE's Vision for Safer Streets in Pakistan


Pakistan’s bustling cities, like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, are known for their vibrant streets, lively markets, and bustling schools. Amidst this urban energy, pedestrian safety often takes a back seat. In this blog, we shine a light on the glaring lack of pedestrian safety arrangements in Pakistan, particularly the absence of advanced crossings like Zebra crossings, Pelican crossings, Puffin crossings, Toucan crossings, Pegasus crossings, and staggered crossings equipped with traffic light systems. We will also introduce PGE (Pak German Engineers), a forward-thinking firm dedicated to revolutionizing road safety and traffic management through advanced traffic signal systems and innovative solutions.

The Pedestrian Plight

Pedestrians in Pakistan face daily challenges due to inadequate safety measures. These issues encompass haphazard traffic, congested sidewalks, and the absence of secure crossing points. Let’s delve deeper into the key problems:

Zebra Crossings: A Fading Tradition

Zebra crossings, with their distinctive white stripes, are a global symbol of pedestrian safety. However, in Pakistan, these crossings are often faded, poorly maintained, or absent altogether, leaving pedestrians vulnerable to accidents and risking their lives.

Advanced Crossings: A Missing Innovation

While advanced pedestrian crossings like Pelican, Puffin, Toucan, and Pegasus crossings are commonplace in many developed countries, they remain largely unimplemented in Pakistan. These crossings integrate traffic lights and sensors to enhance pedestrian safety, a critical need in high-traffic urban areas.

Staggered Crossings: A School and Market Necessity

Staggered crossings equipped with traffic light systems are ideal for locations with heavy pedestrian traffic, such as schools and markets. Yet, these vital safety features are notably absent from such critical areas in major Pakistani cities.

PGE: Transforming Road Safety and Traffic Management

Introducing PGE, or Pak German Engineers, a company dedicated to ushering in a new era of pedestrian safety and efficient traffic management in Pakistan. Our mission is to bridge the pedestrian safety gap and promote safer roads through innovative solutions and services.

PGE’s Comprehensive Solutions:

Advanced Crossings: PGE specializes in the installation of advanced pedestrian crossings like Pelican, Puffin, Toucan, and Pegasus crossings. These crossings combine cutting-edge technology with traffic light systems to provide pedestrians with secure passage across busy roads.

Traffic Signal Systems: Our firm offers state-of-the-art traffic signal systems designed to suit the unique needs of Pakistan’s urban intersections. These systems enhance traffic flow and safety for all road users.

Road Safety Equipment: PGE provides a wide array of road safety equipment, including reflective road signs, pedestrian warning systems, and speed control solutions, contributing to safer roads and fewer accidents.

Public Awareness Initiatives: PGE actively engages in public awareness campaigns to educate the public about pedestrian safety and responsible road usage.


The lack of pedestrian safety arrangements in Pakistan, including the absence of properly marked Zebra crossings and advanced crossings like Pelican, Puffin, Toucan, and Pegasus crossings, is a pressing concern that demands immediate attention. PGE, as a leader in traffic signal systems and road safety equipment, is at the forefront of addressing this challenge.

By introducing innovative solutions, raising public awareness, and advocating for safer streets, PGE seeks to redefine pedestrian safety in Pakistan. Together with the government, civil society, and the public, we can create a safer and more sustainable urban environment, prioritizing the well-being of pedestrians and ensuring a brighter, safer future for all.

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