XIM Wireless Intelli...


The host and receivers for traffic signal control and wireless communication.
Self-support package contained solar energy system and wireless communication receiver.
Independent wireless solar powered traffic light units without electricity input. 

Components of wireless solar traffic light system

  1. (Traffic lights) 12V and 24V DC LED traffic lights (vehicle and pedestrian lights)
  2. (Solar Panel) High efficiency PV solar panel to collect sunshine energy
  3. (Light Pole) Rugged steel light pole specially designed for traffic
  4. (Cabinet) Steel container for Battery, traffic light controllers and charge controller
  5. (Wireless Solar Traffic Light Controllers) 1pc host controller and multiple receiver controllers
  6. (Battery) Power up traffic lights and traffic light controllers with storage energy in the daytime
  7. (Charge Controller) Transfer solar energy to traffic lights, traffic light controllers and battery

Operation principle of wireless solar traffic light system


XIM wireless traffic signal controller is designed to cater the need where conventional cable or wired system is not possible. It has highly modular structure which allows to fully scalable configuration and design.

Benefits of wireless solar traffic light system

  • Powered by solar energy, whole traffic light systems save massive cost of electricity and cables, also cable installation.
  • Adopt wireless transmission system, no cable layout underground is needed. Not only save the cost of cable, but also reduce construction work and avoid damage to the road.
  • Solar panel and battery mounted up on the post strongly guarded from thieves.
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