XIM Intelligent Transportation System (XITS)

XIM Intelligent Transportation System is a traffic monitoring, controlling, directing, planning, recommending and central data hub solution for useful data transmitted by site installed traffic signal controllers. It can analyze traffic volumes and hence can predict upcoming congestions. It has very power route flow link tool that provides you to plan your route flow by per second connection of traffic signal controller with XIM Intelligent Transportation System. Real time monitoring is one of most promising feature it is powered with plus with the complete history of alarms and events to attract the attention of operators to minimize breakdown time hence increased efficiency.

System Structure:

The system is mainly composed of the intersection subsystem, the communication subsystem, the center subsystem.

  • The intersection subsystem is mainly composed of a XIM traffic signal coordinate controller and associated hardware.
  • The communication subsystem is mainly composed of wireless/wired devices for internet connection.
  • The control center subsystem mainly consists of a database server, a GIS and application server, a data exchange sever, a regional control server, firewall, core switches, workstations, and some other devices.


  • Area coordinate control
  • Congestion control
  • Special traffic service control
  • Central manual control
  • Multi-intersection centralized monitoring
  • Traffic time and vehicle data archiving
  • Parameter upload and download
  • Real-time fault alarm
  • Statistics and analysis of traffic flow
  • Operation log recording and management
  • Hierarchical intersection display based on GIS platform
  • Unified timing
  • CCTV integration
  • Scalability to Integrate other ITS components
  • GIS information of intersection on real map
  • Multi-user group management
  • Remote maintenance


The commitment of the XIM ITS system is to alleviate the city traffic pressure, saving traffic energy, improving traffic safety, exploring integrated computer hardware and software technology, developing automatic control techniques and network communications technology in order to realize a city traffic control system characterized by networking, smartness and integration. XITS applies an effective, multi-leveled, real-time and self-adaptive control mode to get an optimized control over all the intersections within a region so as to meet the changing traffic circumstances like the morning peak, evening peak, holidays, night or large-scale activities, accidental events, etc.


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