Wireless Smart PGS for Outdoor Parking Lot

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PGEITS supplies a smart parking lot management solution, with this system user can acknowledge the parking status without entering into the parking lot. That means a car driver is able to know whether the car parking space is available in the parking lot or not, only at the entrance of the parking lot by observing. That will save most of time and reduce the tedious when hunting a parking space in major metro cities.


It includes wireless parking space detector, wireless data collector, server and background software, application etc.

This system is compatible with other devices, and PGE is the professional supplier of wireless parking space detection in Pakistan. PGE supply their own customized protocol and API for clients’ integrity.

Classic Case of a hospital parking lot


The application is in medical parking lots with about 850 pcs spots. Such parking lot management system is a connection of nodes organized to monitor all the spaces in real-time. The nodes communicate wirelessly and often self-organize after being deployed. Drivers enters into the parking area from the door of the hospital, just focusing on the outside LED screen indicator, to know where can park, or whether there are available spaces in front of the place.

This will have a lot benefits to hospital because as we all know there are numerous patient visiting every day, for some extend, it efficiently saves most of time and manpower.


–Easy installation


–Long distance

All the connected sensors are managed and received by one data collector in the range of 200-250 m.



Parking space is becoming a serious problem due to increasingly numbers of vehicles on the road. Particularly, in major metro cities with large population…


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