Vehicle Mounted Led ...

  1. Mainly used in engineering vehicles, municipal vehicles, roofs, etc. Using Taiwan wafer chip lamp beads, the number of LEDs is closely arranged, ultra-high brightness, concentrated light, very large viewing angle, and good visual effect.
  2. Used for various road construction instructions, engineering vehicles, municipal vehicles, garbage trucks, etc., to indicate that this vehicle is working or that this section is under construction, such as installing street lights and signal lights to guide passing vehicles safely and quickly.
  3. This product uses wide voltage 8-40V low voltage electricity, good stability, no matter it is 12V or 24V can work normally.
  4. Strict aging: verify the aging 24 hours before the product is shipped, and the performance is more superior!
  5. The shell is made of sheet metal, and the sheet metal chassis is made of cold-rolled sheet. The cold-rolled sheet has a good surface quality, does not reflect light, and is anti-glare. The internal equipment does not fade.
  6. Flash module: red and blue flash modules at the four corners of the box pixel tube arrows to strengthen the warning.
  7. Completely waterproof: Waterproof glue is applied on the joint between the display screen and the cabinet to improve the waterproof performance of the product.
  8. Dynamic constant current drive: The display mode of the display screen is dynamic, that is, the LED light is on dynamically.
  9. Display mode: The content and color displayed on the display screen can be changed by the control software. Install the APP of this software on the mobile phone and change the displayed content and color by connecting the device WIFI.
  10. Independent control: The control box controls the blinking mode of the direction light and the switch of the flash module. The display screen is controlled by the red switch button
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