Road Construction tr...

1.1500*750mm Solar led flashing directional led traffic arrow board
2.Mostly use at truck mounted car and sprinkler road construction, etc
3.High brightness and waterproof
4.Passed CE/RoHS certificates

Name Road Construction truck mounted 125 mm arrow board led lamps
Material Aluminum
LED Module 125 mm traffic light module
Lamp diameter 100 mm
LED luminous R:4500-5500 mcd  G:8000-10000 mcd  y:4500-5500 mcd
Wave length R:620-625 nm; G:500-505 nm; Y:590-595nm
Life span 3-5 years
NET Weight 30 kg
visual angle 30 °C
Visual distance 800 m
Warranty 2 years
Working temperature -40℃–+50℃
LED type Epistar
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