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  • Capacity: The HADRON controller is fully compatible with the latest SCATS ®. Designed to control up to 32 Signal Groups, it also has up to 48 integrated loop detector channels and up to 48 external inputs. It can be easily interfaced to video detection systems. Flexible to any type input device.
  • Standards: Fully compliant to Specification TSC/4 from Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) of NSW, Australian and International Standards.
  • Multiple Processors: Providing dual conflict monitoring for additional safety each module is controlled by its own microprocessor.

Logic Rack Sizes:

  • Multiple sizes are available ranging from a little as 4SG all the way up to 32SG, in increments of 4SG.
  • From 16 up to 48 loop detectors plus from 16 up to 48 external inputs.

Traffic Control:

  • The HADRON Traffic Controller is designed to be compatible with the latest SCATS ® generations.
  • New releases can be upgraded on site.

Ramp Metering:

  • Full application for Ramp Metering can be achieve with the HADRON Traffic Controller.
  • Ramp Metering is based on the data collection using loop detectors.

Road Site Processor:

  1. Traffic Data Collection
  • Speed
  • Volume
  1. Incident Detection.

Lane Controller:

  • All lane changes are protected by conflict matrix
  • Lamp Monitoring for enhanced safety.

Safety and Dependability:

  1. Monitored MTBF >80,000 hours
  2. Conflict Monitoring
  • Conflict checking BEFORE Lights displayed
  • Lamp Drive vs Lamp Status verification
  • Conflict checking of the Lights displayed
  • Last RED detection
  • Independent (secondary) Conflict Monitoring
  1. Lamp Monitoring
  • Will operate with most lantern types automatically
  • Lamp failure monitoring (all lantern types)
  • Reports REAL power
  1. SCATS ® communications options
  • Protocols supported (user field configurable)
    • Original
    • HDLC
  • Leased Line
  • Dialup line
  • ADSL (IP based)
  • TCP/IP (IP based communication options support all protocols)

Technical Specifications: Design and Manufactured under ISO 9001:2008.

Outputs (signals):

  • Up to 8 Modules of 4 groups each (12 Aspects i.e. 3 Aspects per group)
  • Aspect drive capability up to 5 Amps
  • Fuse protection 8A HRC
  • Aspect power measurement resolution 0.5W
  • All aspects voltages and currents measured simultaneously
  • Aspect voltages individually set as per Aspect (channel)
  • Load Handling PF 0.95 leading (capacitive) to 0.6 lagging

Outputs (auxiliary):

  • Output – Wait Indicators Drives
  • Open Collector Outputs, Active Low with fly-back diode to +24V rail
  • 300 Ohm minimum load resistance
  • 24V DC Supply, 1 Amp current limited (total from module including Daily Event Output)

Output – Daily Event Drive:

  • Open Collector Output, Active Low, with fly-back diode to +24V rail
  • 75 Ohm minimum load Resistance
  • 24V DC Supply, 1 Amp current limited (total per module including Wait Outputs)


  • Up to 3 Modules (16 or 32 inputs with Wait indicator and Daily Event drives each)
  • External contact Closure Nominal 32V AC 10mA
  • Operational Voltage Range 24 to 40 V AC
  • Operational Frequency Range 48 to 52 Hz
  • Internal Input Loading 3,300 Ohms to 32 V AC Supply
  • Internal Input Loading >100K Ohms (protection circuitry Triggered)
  • Protection Circuit Trigger 50V AC.
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