Platform sliding doors (PSD)

  • The microprocessor operating parameters can be adjusted to accommodate various climatic conditions and specific site requirements in relation to speed, braking etc.
  • Safety is a priority: the ADIS microprocessor will automatically reverse operation while the door is closing, should the doors be obstructed. Active infrared safety sensors are included to focus across the doorway to halt and open the doors immediately upon the sensor detecting an obstruction.


  • The platform screen doors were first time introduced in Pakistan by Pak German Engineers for metro bus projects of Lahore & Multan.
  • Introduction of platform screen doors on these projects is the first ever installation of its kind and a bench mark in the transport history of Pakistan.
  • PGE has efficiently completed these projects related to supply & installation of Platform Screen Doors.
  • Our PSD system utilizes the latest digital microprocessor technology, giving the control unit multiple programmable modes including provision to interface with building security system, monitoring the doors position and locks status & built-in battery.


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