PGE TSC-8G Microprocessor based Traffic Controller:


  1. 8 fixed time plans.
  2. Flashing mode.
  3. Vehicle actuated time plans.
  4. Compatible for Green Wave System.
  5. Green time hold & skip function key.
  6. Compatible with standard vehicle loop detectors and microwave radar detectors.
  7. Can work as Master or Slave
  8. Detector fault sensing
  9. Menu driven programmable sequence.
  10. LCD display.
  11. Built-in programming keys.
  12. 24-Digital Outputs (Extendable)
  13. Programmable with normal PC, Laptop & hand held keyboard console.
  14. Solid-state Lamp Switching.
  15. Centralized command & control center can be developed.


TSC- 8G Microprocessor based Traffic controller is known as economical and reliable solution for most complex intersections having special features.


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