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Automated Parking Management & Control System
APM&CS (Automated Parking Management & Control System) is a system for managing pay- to-park parking lots, for both hourly and season / E-Tag parkers. Composed of Entry Station, Exit Station, Barrier, MPS (Manual-pay-station), Loop Detector, software and other optional devices, PGE PMS makes your parking lots secure, intelligent and high-efficient, providing below typical different systems for different applications:
Pay at Exit— Barcode Ticket Dispensing & Pay at Exit System:
Pay at Exit is an advanced Parking Management System for managing pay-to-park facilities with high traffic flow, for both hourly and season parkers. Hourly parkers take barcode ticket at entry and pay cash at exit, season parkers get access and leave by self-service swiping their cards on Entry Station & Exit Station respectively, or enter and leave w/o stop if window shield tag is read by long range reader. It is ideal solution for parking lots of premises such as shopping mall, exhibition, hospitals, airports etc.

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