1. Safe and reliable

Our passenger elevators/lifts put safety the first place, to ensure each passenger’s safe delivery to destination.

  1. Space configurability
    From the view of space saving, our elevators/lifts make new layout of machine room, improved the space availability.
  2. Energy saving and environment friendly
    Our passenger elevators/lifts adopts gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine to save energy and protect environment.
  3. High performance
    Our passenger elevators/lifts are equipped with stable control system with maximum capacity up to 1600kg.
  4. Free custom-made
    Customers can choose their favorite and customized appearance for their own elevators from aspects of car finish, design, ceiling and floor materials.


Product Details:

We have very experienced workers teams and we are dealing all kind of elevator’s and lifts. Our elevators and lifts have an exact and effective control system by using the most advanced electronic technology.

Our lifts adopt the latest environment-friendly technology in manufacturing, as well as safety device and signal device.  Our lifts can offer you distinctive and luxury mobility, which is the symbol of taste. That is why we have many options for high-grade business building, hotel and luxurious mansions, etc.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most eminent level of quality elevators services at reasonable and market competing rates.


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