Intelligent Transport Solutions

Intelligent Traffic Systems -ITS; advancing the effective use of the road capacity by using technology, is a study of automatic management system by using the data get from the road about weather and traffic condition.

PGE presents ITS solutions with fiber optic, copper and wireless communication infrastructures based on TCP/IP or serial communication such as Profibus. Compatible with Different Communication Systems.

We mainly uses TCP/IP data flow standard for our projects to achieve a reliable, flexible and expandable open system concept. Almost all systems are easily configurable and remote controlled.

Intelligent Traffic Solutions Unites:

  • Main Control Center and Sub Centers.
  • Image Control Systems.
  • Variable Message Signs.
  • Traffic Measurement Systems.
  • Variable Traffic Signs.
  • Meteorology Stations.
  • Mobile Warning Systems.
  • Plate Recognition Systems.
  • Portable Warning Systems.
  • Intersection Control Systems.

Applications of ITS:

  • Traffic Signal control
  • Parking Management Systems
  • Demand Responsive Transport Management.
  • Freight and Fleet Management.
  • Vulnerable Road User systems (e.g. Puffin crossings).
  • Revenue Collection.
  • Passenger Information Systems.
  • Route Guidance and Navigation.
  • Ramp Control.
  • Incident Detection.
  • Traffic Engineering (Road Condition Analysis).
  • Adapted Solution for Road Condition.
  • Establishing Remote Stations and Data Acquisition Station.
  • Establishing Enforcement Systems (Speed Radars, Plate Identification Systems, Average Speed ​​Corridors, Warning Systems, Event Detection Systems).
  • Video Image Capture and Processing Systems.
  • WEB/Mobile Device Information Systems.
  • Control Center Construction and Design.
  • Instant/Average Speed Detection, Plate Recognition Systems.
  • Warn, instruct and inform the drivers via Variable Message Signs (VMS) and Variable Traffic Signs (VTS).
  • Automatic Changeable Messages and Traffic Signs according to the Dynamic Weather Conditions.
  • Over-sized Vehicle Detection Systems.
  • Remote Stations and Data Acquisition Stations.
  • Integrated System Solutions.


Intelligent Transportation Solution/ System is communication-based Information and Electronic technologies that are integrated into Transportation system and in vehicles to make travel smarter, faster, safer and more convenient.


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