Intelligent Adaptive Traffic Signaling Control System with WVD

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Many countries are badly affected by an ever-increased traffic, which is causing various troubles to its citizens. How to reduce congestion, damages and make the traffic smoother become the important thing for government.


Traditional Inductive-Loop Traffic Detector

The inductive-loop detector has been used for many years and there are several disadvantages as below:

1.Heavy damage to the road and increase the road cost of maintenance.

2.Outside environment will effect it easily.

3.the loop are not fit for a congestion area; two near vehicles will cause not detected or wrong result.


Newest Advanced Traffic Signal Management System

The Newest advanced traffic signal management system includes traffic light, traffic light controller and wireless vehicle detection.

The wireless vehicle detection supplies the real-time traffic data for the traffic controller and Traffic Management Center via Ethernet cable.

It can replace the existing inductive-loop vehicle detector seamlessly with same functions.

It also can be used for more traffic data collection which can be used for traveling information management, intelligent traffic system and fully actuated traffic signal controlling system.



•Vehicle detection

•Real-time traffic data collection

•Wireless network

•Sensor configuration

•Data transmission

Cost-effective Points

1.Saving the labor cost of installation and maintenance.

2.10 years’ lifespan

3.Reduce the driver waiting time


Intelligent adaptive traffic signaling control system for congestion reduction System Overview Adaptive traffic signaling control system is used for adjusting traffic signal timing and sequencing based on real-time traffic conditions (volume and delay).


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