Centralized Access Management System:

AMS Benefits:

  • Vehicle Access Management.
  • Visitor Management System.
  • Record keeping of vehicles.
  • Simple to install and maintain.
  • Reliable and dependable.
  • Operational under power failure conditions.
  • Strength and durability.
  • Confidence in proven performance


  • The E-TAG Vehicle Access Control System is and effective mean to control the access of vehicles to and area like, Parking Plazas, Residential Buildings, Housing Societies, Toll Plazas or any other place where the automated access or toll collection of vehicles is a requirement.
  • The EVACS offers the advantage of un-assisted access to authorized users like residents of a housing society.
  • In a multi-lane entrance where the visitors or unauthorized users have a separate entrance/exit lane, the system can keep the record of vehicles and persons going in and out of the premises.
  • The road barrier and blocker are operated by RFID Access Control Unit or it can be controlled via push buttons in the guard room.
  • In case of mains power failure, the system is backed up by an emergency power source like generator or UPS.
  • In case of backup power failure, the barrier can be manually operated via a key.


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