1. It is faster, more durable, accurate and safer.
  2. It can be assembled with aluminum octagonal boom with the maximum length up-to 4m, with the fastest open / close time of 0.8 s.
  3. Can be controlled by any kind of card readers, biometric readers, radio control, on/off key switch and with PLC Controller.
  4. IP 55 Protection.
  5. Easily to be integrated with loop detectors, flashing lights or red/green traffic lights.
  6. Galvanized and painted to avoid corrosion.
  7. Speed, strength and soft start adjustable.
  8. Low maintenance required.
  9. Long- term reliability.
  10. Efficient operation and durability.
  11. Use in residential and commercial applications.
  12. Ideal solution in controlling access to unauthorized
  13. Manual operation in case of power supply failure.
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