Automated Rotary & Vertical Parking Systems


  • By virtue of their relatively smaller volume and mechanized parking systems, Rotary Parking System are often used in locations where a multi-story parking garage would be too large, too costly or impractical.
  • Examples of such applications include;
    1. Under or inside existing or new structures.
    2. Between existing structures.
    3. In irregularly shaped areas.
    4. Congested areas.
    5. High land/ Construction cost.


  • This system has been devised to provide “More Parking in Less Spaceā€œ.
  • Rotary Parking enable us to park 6,8,10 upto 18 vehicles in space of 2-3 Vehicles.
  • This system is designed to park vehicles by vertically circulating cage in left-right direction after entering of vehicles into parking pallet (cage).
  • It is easy to install in small area and is free from breakdowns because of the simple circular rotation type mechanism.
  • It is acknowledged as a machine, therefore is excluded from the calculation of building coverage ratio.


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