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PGE has consolidated its position as a leader in BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) systems in Pakistan, where its projects is using millions of people from many Years,
Lahore Metro-bus.
Multan Metro-bus.

Multan Metro-bus (Punjab)
Multan Metro route is 18.5 kilo-meters (11.5 mi) and 21 station. Total Doors installed: 254 No. The advantages of Massive Public Transportation system are safety and accessibility, the screen doors protect against accidents and falls of passengers to the road; prevent the throwing of objects to the tracks; and avoid abuses and improper crossings; also, facility the access of elderly and people with some type of disability. Automatic doors for collective transport system are the solution to new equipment or refurbishments of present installation. They offer a high flexibility in adapting to the specific requests, reducing investment and maintenance costs, and afterwards, promoting energy savings.

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