Pedestrian Signal Accessories

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Pedestrian Signal Accessories

Pedestrian Traffic Light, also named pedestrian signals, pedestrian signal heads, zebra crossing lights, or crossing work lights, are used to inform pedestrians when to cross a road. Most pedestrian signal heads will have two lights: a ‘walk’ light (normally a walking human figure or countdown, typically colored green or white) and a ‘don’t walk’ light (normally either a red man figure or a hand). The size is generally 200 mm and 300 mm.

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  • Working humidity: ≤95%
  • Utilizing imported LED chips, long lifespan
  • Using constant current driver
  • Low power consumption
  • Multi-ply sealed water-resistant, IP rating:>IP54
  • Visible distance: >500M
  • Long visible distance, symmetrical light distribution.
  • Novel structure and beautiful appearance, using inflaming retarding and UV-proof housing material.

These are traffic light-controlled crossings, activated by a button, combined with a red or green figure on the other side of the road to tell pedestrians when to cross: the red figure means don’t cross, a green figure means it is safe to, and a flashing green man shows you shouldn’t start to cross, but will have time to do so if you’ve already started. There is usually also a bleeping sound as an aid to signal it is safe to cross.

For motorists, a flashing amber traffic light follows the red ‘stop’ light, meaning they must continue to give way to any pedestrians already on the crossing and can proceed once the crossing is clear.


200mm Clear Lens Red and Green Static Pedestrian Traffic Light Parameter
Diameterφ 200mm
LED Type5mm DIP
Optical PerformanceConform to EN12368 standard
View Distance≥300m
Input VoltageAC85-265V, DC12-24V
Power Factor> 0.9
Working Temperature-40℃ ~ +80℃  (Class A,B,C acc. To EN12368)
Material of Lens/HousingUV-stabilized polycarbonate
Color of HousingBlack – standard, fir-green/yellow upon qty request


200mm High Flux Red and Green Pedestrian Traffic Light Packing Info
Carton Size70*37*28cm
Net Weight5.2kg
Gross Weight6.4kg


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