Centralized ITS System in Lahore

project details

Pak German Engineers successfully completed project of road safeties and installation of traffic signals with The Urban Unit (Government of the Punjab) at eight locations of Lahore, for Metro Bus Transit System. Current SCATS (Australia) compatible UTC controllers were installed at Firozpur road project of widening from Nishtar to Shahdara. These controllers had interlinked intersections with the centralized control room located in Aarfa Kareem IT Tower.

Our sophisticated and intelligent traffic control system manages traffic according to complex algorithms and can adapt traffic signal timings to deal with unexpected conditions and minimize delays.

The benefits of SCATS are:
Reduced air pollution.
Reduced fuel consumption.
Reduced delays.
Enhanced public transport time and reliability.
SCATS® urban traffic management software is used in 27 countries worldwide and continues to deliver consistent and measurable results. Also, this system is licensed to operate in more than 37,000 intersections worldwide.

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