In conjunction with the supply of the wide range of products, PGE Pakistan also offer the technical design and installation services of the same equipment. Our staff possess extensive industry experience in the design, supply and installation of:

  • Automation products
  • Architectural LED lighting
  • LED Streetlighting
  • Traffic management solutions
  • Traffic control systems, including SCATS deployment
  • Solar systems

The key services offered by PGE Pakistan International include:

  • Installation of Automation products
  • Installation of LED lighting systems
  • Installation of Traffic Management systems
  • Development of SCATS personality interface systems
  • SCATS configuration Training Courses, including practical hands-on training
  • Highway geometric design services
  • Project management services

PGE Pakistan offering transport planning and traffic engineering service with its partner company in Australia. In this service includes transport plannning advice for the public sector and development impact assessments for private clients, developing solutions that achieve sustainable and integrated transport and land use outcomes. PGE Pakistan and with its partner company in Australia also design and deliver transport infrastructure.

PGE Pakistan offer the complete suite of traffic engineering and transport planning for private and public sector work.  Services are included as:

                          -Transport project development.
                          -Transportation planning & traffic engineering.
                          -Transport information system & modelling.

PGE Pakistan with its partner company in Australia, makes project in a such way that design and management skills with internal transport planning, traffic engineering and engineeing professional comes together to take the project from it initial to opening. Our focus on pays careful attention to integration and coordination to reduce risk. Services are included as:

                        -Transport design.

                         -Transport infrastructure delivery.

Other services may also be provided upon request.


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