PAK GERMAN ENGINEERS is a multi-service Company with a specialized focus on traffic and transport engineering, traffic management and automation services throughout PAKISTAN. We design and implement traffic and electrical solutions that work. We’re a company that likes to do things right, which is why we ensure all our services comply with Our Partner Company Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, legislation and are in line with your expectations.



In business since 1990, PGE is a leading Traffic Control, home and industrial automation solution provider and manufacturer and importers of advanced traffic controllers, Traffic Lights, Countdown Signal  displays, Poles, Detectors,  road safety  products and traffic management systems, We also deals in video vehicle detection systems, arterial systems masters, vehicle and pedestrian signals, traffic control cabinets, data collection and management services (DCMS), Intelligent Intersection technology, and a full line of transportation maintenance services. We also provide alternative Energy Source i.e. solar street Lighting, solar home system, solar water heater and Wind Turbine solutions. We are provider, manufacturer and importers of advanced automation solutions. We combine experience and flexibility with a strong desire for progress, without curbing on safety, to achieve maximum satisfaction among our clients.

PGE is committed to employing advanced technologies that reduce traveler time, ease congestion, enhance transit operations, provide safer mobility, and improve quality of life. We are a quality assured company and our dedicated and experienced team are equipped with the latest technology, enabling the timely production of detailed, accurate and superior quality engineering grade CAD drawings and designs. Our premium electrical and engineering services allow us to provide exceptional advice, and with technological advancements we are now looking at ecologically friendlier options.

With PGE’s recent solar accreditation, we are not only working with partners to provide solar solutions to our traffic signal, street lighting and ITS capabilities, but also to provide environmentally friendly alternatives to home and business power needs.

Our Automation Products include:

  • Commercial and Domestic Sliding and Swing doors;
  • Automatic Sliding and Swing Gate systems;
  • Automatic Parking Management System;
  • Boom Barriers;
  • High Speed Roll Up doors;
  • Automatic Tubular motors and Industrial Shutter Motors;
  • Pedestrian Barriers and Access Control Products; and
  • Accessories for Activation devices.

We offer LED Street Lighting Products such as:

  • LED Outdoor Lighting;
  • LED Street lighting; and
  • LED Solar Street Lighting.

Our Solar Systems include:

  • Solar Home system;
  • Solar PV Modules;
  • Charges Controller and Inverters,
  • Maintenance Free Batteries;
  • Solar LED Warning Lights; and
  • Solar Street Light System


The Traffic Systems products consist of:

  • LED Traffic Lights;
  • LED Solar Warning Lights;
  • Traffic Controllers, induction loops and sensors; and
  • Intelligent traffic management systems.

PGE Pakistan offering transport planning and traffic engineering service with its partner company in Australia. In this service includes transport plannning advice for the public sector and development impact assessments for private clients, developing solutions that achieve sustainable and integrated transport and land use outcomes. PGE Pakistan and with its partner company in Australia also design and deliver transport infrastructure.

PGE Pakistan offer the complete suite of traffic engineering and transport planning for private and public sector work.  Services are included as:

                          -Transport project development.
                          -Transportation planning & traffic engineering.
                          -Transport information system & modelling.


PGE Pakistan with its partner company in Australia, makes project in a such way that design and management skills with internal transport planning, traffic engineering and engineeing professional comes together to take the project from it initial to opening. Our focus on pays careful attention to integration and coordination to reduce risk. Services are included as:

                        -Transport design.

                         -Transport infrastructure delivery.


We also provide custom-made solutions, designed by our Engineering team in Sydney, Australia, depending on our clients’ requirements. PGE Pakistan has supplied a variety of our products to major projects across Australia and overseas markets.

AUSTRALIA projects:

PGE Pakistan have been supplying LED lights to following customers.

  •   LED traffic light, high bays, street lights & flood lights to TLE Electrical Group;
  •   LED traffic lights to Rawsons Electrical Pty Ltd;
  •   LED Solar street lights and traffic lights to Dave Clancy Electrical;
  •   LED traffic lights to Mandalay technologies;
  •   LED traffic lights to Blake Systems;
  •   LED traffic lights to Switches Plus Components;
  •   LED traffic lights to IMR Electrical;
  •   LED solar street lights to Discovery Holiday Parks;
  •   LED traffic lights to Alight Electrics Traffic Light Solutions;
  •   LED traffic lights to Allied Mills Australia;
  •   LED traffic lights Wesley Electrical Services;
  •   LED Variable Message Sign & Traffic Lights to Variable Message Signs;
  •   LED traffic lights & flood lights to Ultimate Karting Sydney;
  •   LED traffic lights to Omegalec Pty Ltd;
  •   LED traffic lights , solar street lights , solar panels & flood lights to Eco Power & Lighting Pty Ltd;
  •   LED traffic lights to EIW Electrical;
  •   LED traffic lights to Brand Own Pty Ltd;
  •   LED traffic lights to Mining  & Electrical Pty Ltd; and
  •   LED traffic lights to AGD Intelligent Detection Systems.

OVERSEAS Projects:

The project included the installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of a Bus Priority system including LED Traffic Light Signal heads, Intelligent Traffic Controllers and pedestrian push buttons on 8 intersections of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, in Lahore. The Urban Unit within the Urban Sector Policy & management Unit of the P&D Department of Punjab was the client agency. Punjab Metro bus Authority is now successfully running the project.

Metro bus project was completed in tightest possible time frame periods. The project included a dedicated lane 27km long in the middle of Ferozpur Road, offering an easy passage for Metro buses and ensure maximised time-savings. Crossings were also constructed at busy intersections. A signal priority system is established to ensure an easy and safe operation of metro buses. This Signal Priority system is the first project of its nature in Pakistan and largest Intelligent Transport System (ITS) in the region.

PGE Pakistan has supplied LED Traffic Lights and Solar Street Lighting to:

  • Capital development Authority, Islamabad, Pakistan;
  • RDA Pakistan; and
  • City of Rawalpindi Pakistan.

 Other projects include:

  • Solar Street Lighting for EDEN Group, Pakistan;
  • Supply of Traffic Barriers to Bahria Town, Pakistan;
  • Supply of Automatic Doors to EMMAR Group Dubai;
  • Supply of Automatic Doors to DHL, in Pakistan;
  • Automatic Doors for the Standard Chartered Bank, Pakistan; and
  • Automatic Doors and LED Lighting for Shopping Mall Projects of Chen One, in Pakistan.

These are some of our projects but our client list is growing. All our success is the result of our hard work, quality of our products and our strong customer support and efficient distribution network.


PGE Pakistan has its head office in Sydney along with its network offices in Asia, Hong Kong, China and Pakistan. We have got our own design, development and manufacturing facilities for most of our products and also get services from some of the major companies in Australia including

  • ADIS Automatic Doors Australia;
  • DMF Australia;
  • BENINCA Italy; and
  • other major OEM Manufacturers from Asia and beyond.

We make sure about the quality of our products, keeping in mind our customers are not only in Australia but also in the export market. We have shipping and export-ready kits for:

  • Automatic Doors;
  • Gates, Barriers, Roller Shutter and compatible parts and motors;
  • Traffic Lights, Traffic Controllers and control systems;
  • LED Lighting; and
  • most of our products as listed on this website.

PGE Pakistan also provides OEM Services to companies in Australia and we welcome inquires for the design and development of products based on customer requirements.


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