PAK GERMAN ENGINEERS (PGE) is a multi-service Company with a specialized focus on traffic and transport engineering, traffic management and automation services throughout Pakistan. We design and implement traffic and electrical solutions that work. We’re a company that likes to do things right, which is why we ensure all our services comply with Our Partner Company Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, legislation and are in line with your expectations.

In business since 1990, PGE is a leading Traffic Control, home and industrial automation solution provider and manufacturer and importers of LED Traffic Light, Pedestrian Traffic Light, Traffic Countdown signal display, Variable Message Signs, vehicle detection systems, parking control and ancillary products, customized Traffic light & street light Pole, road safety products and Intelligent Traffic Controllers with absolute traffic management systems. We also provide Video vehicle detection systems, GSM based message display boards, toll plaza solutions, complete video surveillance-based parking solutions with e-tag facility, arterial systems masters, traffic control cabinets, data collection and management services (DCMS), Intelligent Intersection technology, and a full line of transportation maintenance services. We also provide alternative Energy Source i.e. solar street LED Lighting, solar power system, solar water heater and Wind Turbine solutions. We are provider, manufacturer and importers of advanced automation solutions. We combine experience and flexibility with a strong desire for progress, without curbing on safety, to achieve maximum satisfaction among our clients.

The energy-saving effect of all products, tested by domestic and overseas authorities, is proved to have reached the leading level domestically as well as internationally. PGE is committed to employing advanced technologies that reduce traveller time, ease congestion, enhance transit operations, provide safer mobility, and improve quality of life to meet customer specific requirements in the PGE products for safe, secure & reliable as entire satisfaction of our clients.

PGE is committed to employing advanced technologies that reduce traveller time, ease congestion, enhance transit operations, provide safer mobility, and improve quality of life. We are a quality assured company and our dedicated and experienced team are equipped with the latest technology, enabling the timely production of detailed, accurate and superior quality engineering grade CAD drawings and designs.

Our premium electrical and engineering services allow us to provide exceptional advice, and with technological advancements we are now looking at ecologically friendlier options. With PGE’s recent solar accreditation, we are not only working with partners to provide solar solutions to our traffic signal, street lighting and ITS capabilities, but also to provide environmentally friendly alternatives to home and business power needs.


“Exceeding the expectation, of our customers by meeting their needs through the application of superior information, knowledge and products”.

PGE has long held certification as a Quality Assured company, a process of recognition which sets a standard for businesses to place a visible and valuable emphasis on customer satisfaction, continual improvement and efficiency. Quality Assurance is about managing business processes so that both the supplier and the customer are satisfied with the quality and consistency of the services provided.


Skilled and experienced staff, years of quality service and experience behind our name and a focus on professionalism, knowledge, quality, safety and technical competency, are just some of the reasons why you should consider PGE.

PGE is a continually evolving Worldwide based traffic management, electrical and automation contracting and traffic engineering organization that places a high emphasis on development and progress. If experience counts and you think that you are important enough to deserve the best, then there is no other choice.

Call us today to discuss your individual personal needs so that we can ensure that ‘…you’re never second best…’


Our mission is to provide a road consulting and contracting service which is responsive and undertaken through excellence and with integrity, specializing in traffic signal, street lighting, ITS and solar installation and upgrading; traffic management design, audit and installation; and traffic engineering studies and analysis.

We will be an ultimate solution provider with a reputation for expertise, quality, and cost effective in the world of automation and to advocate sustainable environmental protection by maximizing our consolidated effort through unmatchable teamwork. To be able to achieve our vision and mission, our strategic thrust through will be:

  • Focus on profitability and return on investments over growth.
  • Maintain a lean and flexible organization.
  • Employ quality assurance in pursuit of service excellence.
  • Practice sound financial management.
  • Employ effective project management processes.
  • Develop strong project management teams and support systems.


We are a Company primarily engaged in providing total automation solutions. We are committed to:

  • Providing quality and comprehensive, innovative solutions in Intelligent Automation and Control Systems coupled with technology expertise and applied to create total system Solutions in Commercial, Industrial and Home to our customers.
  • Delivering innovations to help our customers in improving their business efficiency, reducing their operating costs, optimizing their energy usage, and ultimately, increasing their profitability.
  • Serving the welfare of the community at large through our strategies and actions in line with our commitment to sustainable development and energy savings built on economic progress, social development and environmental improvement.


With PGE you can always be assured you are receiving the highest quality services, as our success is largely a credit to our employees who are rigorously trained in safety procedures and are given the tools and technologies needed to create and maintain a safe work area for both our clients and the general public.

We provide a range of services, each of which are comprehensively resourced with skilled and experienced engineering, traffic management and electrical professionals who deliver technical prowess to our clients.

These services include providing both public and private sectors with traffic management planning, traffic control, traffic and transport engineering assessments, audits and studies, traffic signal, street lighting and Intelligent Transport System (ITS) installation, modification, upgrading and reinstatement, solar photo-voltaic system installation; and related services such as loop detector reinstatement, pit & pipe services, and data & optical fiber cabling, automatic sliding and Swing Door/Gate Installation and many more.


Pak German Engineers is working in six different Divisions as follows:

  1. Traffic Management (Division).
  2. Automation (Division).
  3. Solar & LED Lighting (Division).
  4. CCTV & Security (Division).
  5. Road & Safety (Division).
  6. PGE Consultancies (Division).