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PAK GERMAN ENGINEERS (PGE) is a multi-service Company with a specialized focus on traffic and transport engineering, traffic management and automation services throughout Pakistan. We design and implement traffic and electrical solutions that work. We’re a company that likes to do things right, which is why we ensure all our services comply with Our Partner Company Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, legislation and are in line with your expectations.

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Maintenance Free Batteries

Maintenance-free batteries should never be topped up, therefore there are no filler caps on top.


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Solar Controllers and Inverters

PGE has been a leading supplier for off-grid & on-grid solar controllers and inverters since 1990.


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200mm 2 In 1 Cross Arrow LED Traffic Light Module

PGE Supply and install wide range of customized traffic signal Lights.

Model No.: ZAM-TLM-2IN1-200-12/24V
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200mm R/Y/G Hi-Flux LED Traffic Light Module

  • 200mm R/Y/G Hi-Flux LED Traffic Light Module
    Model No.: ZAM-TLM-200-HF-R-12/24V
    Model No.: ZAM-TLM-200-HF-Y-12/24V
    Model No.: ZAM-TLM-200-HF-G-12/24V
  • Model No.: ZAM-TLM-100-G-12/24V


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Solar PV Modules

PGE supplies and install high quality Solar PV Modules of all sizes.


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Regular-Intersection Traffic Management

PGE Pakistan has experience with traffic engineering projects of all sizes, ranging from small to larger projects for local, provincial, and federal governments in both rural and complex urban environments.

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300mm R/Y/G Hi-Intensity LED Traffic Light Module

  • 300mm R/Y/G Hi-Intensity LED Traffic Light Module

    Model No.: ZAM-TLM-300-HI-R-12/24V


    Model No.: ZAM-TLM-300-HI-Y-12/24V


    Model No.: ZAM-TLM-300-HI-G-12/24V


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PGE TSC-Up 4G Traffic Controller

This Traffic controller is economical and reliable solution for simple intersections.


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