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PAK GERMAN ENGINEERS (PGE) is a multi-service Company with a specialized focus on traffic and transport engineering, traffic management and automation services throughout Pakistan. We design and implement traffic and electrical solutions that work. We’re a company that likes to do things right, which is why we ensure all our services comply with Our Partner Company Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, legislation and are in line with your expectations.

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Solar Controllers and Inverters

PGE has been a leading supplier for off-grid & on-grid solar controllers and inverters since 1990.


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Traffic Detection Systems

Traffic detection systems are used for detecting vehicles, and pedestrians. In general, it is comprised of detector, processor/controller, and storage media.


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400mm & 680mm 2 In 1 LED-Pixel Cross-Arrow Signal

PGE Supply and install wide range of customized traffic signal Lights.

Model No.: ZAM-TL-2IN1-400-12/24V
Model No.: ZAM-TL-2IN1-680-12/24V
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PGE Automated Rotary & Vertical Parking Systems

Benefits of Automated Parking:

  • Reduced Lighting – only emergency and maintenance lighting is required. Utility costs for lighting are much less than for a self-park garage.

  • Enhanced Convenience – the customer experience is comparable to a high-quality valet parking operation except that robotics park and retrieve the vehicles instead of valet runners.

  • Faster Retrieval Time – depending on design, vehicles can generally be returned in 1 ½ – 2 ½ minutes.

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Digital Countdown Displays

Product Description:

Efficiency of traffic signal is increased as traffic gets ready just in time when their signal turns from red to green.

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Automated Number Plate Recognition Systems

Automated Number Plate Recognition Systems in compact structure can be mounted on roads, bridges, highways and art structures.

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300mm 2 In 1 Cross Arrow LED Traffic Light

PGE Supply and install wide range of customized traffic signal Lights.

Model No.: ZAM-TL-2IN1-300-12/24V


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Intelligent High Speed Barrier For Highway

  • Faster, more durable, accurate.
  • Flexible and safer.
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